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2017 Refresher Course Notes


Individual chapters of the 2017 National Part 1 Anaesthesia Refresher Course are available below.


  1. The Big 5 Physiology Equations (J. Swanevelder)

  2. Q&A: Blood Gas Interpretation (I. Joubert)

  3. Respiratory Mechanics (E. Welch)

  4. Muscle Contraction (F. Roodt)

  5. Muscle Relaxants (E. Welch)

  6. Anaphylaxis (A. Marais)

  7. Low Flow Anaesthesia (R Nieuwveld)

  8. Inhalational Agents (E. Welch)

  9. Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (E. Welch)

  10. Novel Oral Anticoagulant Drugs (F. Montoya)

  11. The Haldane and Bohr Effects (K. Bergh)

  12. Uterotonic and Tocolytic Drugs (R. Dyer)

  13. Transitional Physiology (H. Meyer)

  14. Iron (D. van Dyk)

  15. Nitric Oxide (C. Simons)

  16. Pharmacological Aspects of Serotonin (K. Bhagwan)

  17. Basic Definitions in Statistics (S. Heijke)

  18. Statistical Graph Interpretation (B. Biccard)

  19. Pharmacokinetics of TIVA and TCI (G. Wilson)

  20. Cytochrome p450 (B. Brennan)

  21. The Parasympathetic Nervous System & its Pharmacology (J van Nugteren)

  22. Oxygen-Haemoglobin Dissociation Curve (A de Vaal)

  23. Metabolic Adaptation to Overnight Starvation (G Picken)

  24. Central Venous Pressure and the Pulmonary Artery Catheter (F Schneider)

  25. The ABCs of Natriuretic Peptides (E Cloete)

  26. Blood Products (R Gray)

  27. Physiology of Ageing (A Ernst)

  28. Chronic Pain Physiology (T Madden)

  29. Digoxin and Amiodarone (A Vorster)

  30. Altitude (M James)

  31. Filters (A Levin)

  32. Receptor Physiology (K Timmerman)

  33. The Pharmacokinetics of Intravenous Opioids (S Chetty)

  34. Urea and Creatinine (M Casey)

  35. The Regulation of Chloride (K Bester)

  36. The Standard ECG- Why it looks the way it does (A Myburgh)

  37. The Pharmacology of Sedation (K Kemp)

  38. Spinal Cord Monitoring (N Khan)

  39. The Splanchnic Circulation (D Batty)

  40. The Pulse Oximeter (J Thomas)

  41. Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (L Thompson)

  42. The Nerve Stimulator (A Kessow)

  43. Understanding Ultrasound (R Verbeek)

  44. Gas Analysers (D Nolte)

  45. Arterial Transducers and Damping (G Davies)

  46. BIS and Other Processed EEG Monitors of Anaesthetic Depth (A Reed)

  47. Defibrillators (M Nejthardt)

  48. Temporary Pacemakers (O Porrill)

  49. Endoscopic Airway Equipment (R Hofmeyr)

  50. Key Concepts in Understanding Vaporizers (R Duys)

  51. Visco-elastic Coagulation Testing (M Miller)